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"For the past three years, SigmaTec has been a trusted partner, providing development services for our software application and has contributed dramatically to our success. I have been especially impressed with the quality of their work, professionalism of their people and the rigor of their processes. I highly recommend SigmaTec for highly important, mission critical software application development projects."
Tom Costa, President & Chief Operating Officer, Landslide Technologies Inc.
“Working with SigmaTec, one needs to understand the level and depth of professionalism SigmaTec is having. We call SigmaTec our ‘Landslide Lahore’ offshore team. SigmaTec had the drive that we needed and the quality they developed and managed for us was no less than any software company in the US. The cultural match that they created is phenomenal. There is absolutely no excuse to be made. It just makes plain business sense for us to transfer all our investments to SigmaTec. Working with SigmaTec was the best thing that happened to Landslide.”
Razi Imam, CEO, Landslide Technologies Inc.
“A shared commitment to see Landslide succeed is what we’ve experienced from working with SigmaTec. The SigmaTec team feels an ownership of the product which is reflected not only in the quality of the product but also in the relationship we now share with them. They have kept a completely transparent environment for us freeing us from the nuisance of communication hurdles. They have been very good at scoping, estimating and delivering on-time. We feel confident that if they commit to a delivery date they will actually deliver on that date. Adhering to dead-lines is their strength and they are better at it than any company I have seen or worked with.”
Anupam Singh, CTO, Landslide Technologies Inc.