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SigmaTec utilizes the most appropriate methodology to mitigate the risks in software development depending upon your specific needs.

We have the ability to manage complex software development projects through efficient utilization of resources, risk management, accurate estimation of budgets and timelines, experienced selection of appropriate technologies, and scheduling feature development to meet time-to-market requirements.

We follow the standards of Project Management laid out by the PMI (Project Management Institutes) to ensure a proper work flow and effective management of activities.

SigmaTec Methodology
Our philosophy is based on the core principle of creating cost effective practical solutions that are adoptable and adaptable for our clients.

Need Assessment: Our team of expert business analysts works with our clients to understand their requirements and provide optimal solutions. This phase ensures that all requirements, dependencies, expectations and bottlenecks are identified early which helps in reducing the risk and ensuring that the project stays on schedule.

Initiating: We maintain a team of experts who divide the project into phases and lay down the activities and goals to be achieved in each phase. They ensure that all goals and activities conform to your requirements and incorporate the required designs and features with utmost attention to the deliverables of the project.

Planning: We define the scope and course of action to attain the pre-determined goals and objectives in each phases. We ensure that the deliverables are on time with the lowest regression possible.

Executing: SigmaTec's ability to align the requirements with skill sets enables our expert team to translate the idea into reality. We incorporate best practices in design, development, testing and deployment phases of a product lifecycle that ascertain an effective product.

Monitoring and Controlling: Our experienced project and development managers keep track of variances and updates for a product and adhere to the policy of taking preventive measures to avoid delays.

Closing: We obtain client approval at all stages of formalize the acceptance of our product by ensuring that product deliverables confirm to the requirements. Our transparent environment for our offshore clients and effective communication helps in bringing a project phase to an orderly end.