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One Enterprise - One Solution - No Concerns

A complete, turn-key solution that allows multiple locations and functions to get inter-connected, SigmaTec Unify automates all business processes and provides an integrated and seamless view and total control of operations. It brings planning, procurement, sales, manufacturing, inventory, financial, fixed assets and human resource management, all in one system, under one roof eliminating the need to re-enter data between systems and making business-critical information available for users in an accurate, up-to-date and timely manner.

SigmaTec Unify is targeted towards small to medium sized, local enterprises in Pakistan. It is enhanced by industry-specific features and best practices accompanied with rich, easy to understand reports containing the right information for your users. You are therefore enabled to make informed decisions and to respond quickly to changes in market conditions.

SigmaTec Unify comprises of four individual solutions that support key areas of enterprise resource planning:

- SigmaTec Unify Supply Chain Management System
- SigmaTec Unify Financial Management System
- SigmaTec Unify Fixed Assets Management System
- SigmaTec Unify Payroll & Human Capital Management

Inter Department Connectivity
Figure showing interdepartment connectivity of Modules

Empower Yourself
SigmaTec Unify allows you to align business strategies with operations allowing you to achieve total control, increase revenue, reduce cost, improve asset productivity and enhance customer service. It serves as a platform for future growth and profitability enabling you to expand your lead over competitors in all key industry metrics.

  • Achieve Information Integration
    SigmaTec Unify provides a single, comprehensive view of your business across sales, procurement, production, inventory, financial and human resources. You obtain easy access to accurate, up-to-date business critical data from a single information platform.
  • Gain Visibility
    Comprehensive data provides managers with in-depth visibility into the organization. Complete information about all aspects of transactions processing enables managers to pin-point responsibilities and avoid conflicts that arise from the lack of transparency.
  • Enhance Control
    SigmaTec Unify provides tools and insights that enable managers to highlight inefficiencies and identify new opportunities across the enterprise. You acquire the capability to track and monitor compliance in areas such as regulatory policies, company policies and promotions/offers, and get real-time access to reports about the performance of various functions and locations.
  • Optimize Operations
    SigmaTec Unify optimizes your business processes and operations, and enables you to implement best practices embedded in the design logic, to all facets of your entire enterprise including supply chain, financials, human resource, and distribution.
  • Obtain Workflow Coordination
    SigmaTec Unify provides you with the flexibility to define, record and automatically implement all corporate policies and rules, capturing operational transactions as they happen. It helps you record the financial impact of operational activity across the value chain. It enables you to take control of your business through automatic alerts, and logical workflow high-lighting key business events.
  • Gain analytical capability
    Integrating intelligence with management, SigmaTec Unify provides managers with reporting and analysis capabilities that provide real-time insight into all facets of enterprise performance. It enables well-informed decisions, allowing effective management of the value chain. It helps spot trends, predict investment demands, track costs and calculate ROI associated with projects.
  • Be Efficient
    SigmaTec Unify automates, streamlines and integrates labour-intensive processes and devolves routine transactions to line managers and, in some cases, to employees themselves. It thus allows reduction of manual workload of these administrative activities and helps all functions become strategic partners to the business.
  • Obtain Regulatory Compliance
    Catering to regulatory reporting required by the government and other external regulators, SigmaTec Unify's embedded features and enhancements make regulatory compliance easy and trouble free.
  • Achieve Consistent Systems
    SigmaTec Unify helps you to implement consistent systems across the organization thus eliminating inter-departmental conflicts that arises from inconsistent implementation of policies and procedures.
Diversity Simplified!
SigmaTec Unify's underlying strengths ensure that our clients can reap the maximum advantage from our solutions.
  1. Affordable
    It is affordable and has no hidden costs such as annual licensing renewal fee.
  2. Low Implementation Costs
    It is quickly implemented, enabling you to achieve a return on your investment faster with a lower total cost of ownership over the long term period.
  3. Easy to Own
    It is modular making it easy to install, easy to own, and, most importantly, it is easy to adapt to the changing business conditions without having to go the route of lengthy work around.
  4. Easy to Use
    It is easy to understand. Many solutions have failed because of users' inability to understand the system and their resulting unwillingness to accept and adopt it. SigmaTec Unify ensures user acceptance because it is user friendly, and caters to their core needs.
  5. Caters to Regulatory Needs
    It surpasses all local or foreign solutions, in its ability to cater to the regulatory needs and unique business issues of Pakistani enterprises.
  6. After Sales Support
    It is backed by complete maintenance support delivered by a team of experienced professionals focused on providing outstanding customer service.
  7. Robust
    It has a high degree of robustness and capability to handle any number of users and multiple locations/ data entry points. It allows you to communicate and share important data with internal or external operations.
  8. Best Fit
    Having been designed specifically for your industry and your business environment, it ensures a best-fit with your requirements.
  9. Performance
    Its technical architecture meets agreed upon performance, availability and scalability requirements of our clients.
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