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SigmaTec Unify Supply Chain Management System
Efficient Operations. Effective Control.

Tough competition, volatile customer demands and increasing unpredictability in today's business and economic environment are making it more and more difficult for enterprises to ensure sustained growth and profitability. At the same time, ineffective business processes, disconnected locations and functions, enormous volume of transactions, and the inability to record and share up-to-date and accurate data across the enterprise, reduce the level of control that managers have over the supply chain.

The result is enterprise-wide inefficiency and ineffectiveness translated in missed market opportunities, wasted effort, and high costs.

SigmaTec Unify's Supply Chain Management System provides the key capabilities that companies require to achieve a new level of control and grow profitably. It enables you to cut costs, manage inventory levels, reduce cycle times, improve demand forecasting and increase flexibility and responsiveness in areas such as planning, order fulfillment, procurement, production scheduling, and warehouse management.

SigmaTec Unify’s Supply Chain Management System helps:
  • Coordinate Demand and Supply
  • It enables:
    • Accurate demand projections
    • Planning of purchasing, production, dispatch according to demand
  • Enhance Supply Chain Reliability, Minimize Costs
  • It helps:
    • Process orders accurately and on-time
    • Manufacture consistently in accordance with defined quality standards
    • Track production in real-time
    • Control material, labor and overhead costs
    • Manage inventory movement and control stock levels
  • Improve Sales and Service Effectiveness
  • It allows:
    • Managing and monitoring product availability at distributors’ end as well as at points of sales
    • Monitoring primary as well as secondary sales
    • Implementation of flexible pricing, discount, trade offer policies
    • Efficient handling of distributor claims
  • Increase Visibility Across Supply Chain
  • It assigns:
    • A road map that can be communicated and followed
    • Responsibilities and roles minimizing conflict

Empower Yourself
  • Make Informed Decisions
    Electronic business information sharing in real-time including data about demand, inventory, capacity, and shipments enables effective decision making.
  • Achieve Faster Response Time
    A common information platform and synchronized operations ensure that you are able to detect and respond to changes in demand early.
  • Define and Implement Rules & Policies
    Integration of business functions and locations allows you to define, record and automatically implement all Supply Chain policies and rules.
  • Build Road Map for Supply Chain Transactions
    An embedded logical business link between processes allows you to plan and record supply chain transactions as and when they happen.
  • Ensure Compliance
    System embedded checks allow you to track and monitor compliance in areas such as regulatory policies, company policies and promotions/offers.
  • Manage Claims & Taxes
    Automatic recording and calculation of sales tax, distributor claims, trade offers and rebates enables efficient claims management.
  • Analyze Performance
    SigmaTec Unify SCM Analytics provide real-time access to reports about the performance of various functions and locations helping in variance analysis.
  • Boost Cash Flow, Increase Margins
    Better planning, tracking and monitoring tools promote higher inventory turn-over, reduced inventory levels, shorter cash-to-cash cycle times and lower overall costs.
  • Assure Quality Standards
    Linking stock movement with the results of critical quality assurance tests provides a higher level of control on quality.
The Right Solution
  1. Best Fit
    It addresses the core functional needs of your industry based on the treatment of raw materials and SKUs, production processes, storage requirements, quality control tests, and dispatches.
  2. Affordable
    SigmaTec Unify SCM is affordable at only 20-25% of the cost of a foreign solution. It bears no hidden costs such as annual licensing fee etc and does not require a huge technology budget for implementation.
  3. Easy to Implement
    SigmaTec Unify SCM is user-friendly and is also backed by complete implementation services from our industry experts enabling effective implementation.
  4. Based on Industry Best Practice
    It incorporates standard workflow leveraging best practices and methodologies drawn from the industry.
  5. Flexible
    It incorporates all relevant supply chain drivers and allows you to define, select and modify options for data input, queries and reports as and when required.
SigmaTec Unify SCM integrates various functions and business operations to allow you a new level of control over your business. Key processes covered by the product include:
  • Sales Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Purchase Planning
  • Pricing and Customer Offers
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Production Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Distributor Management
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