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SigmaTec Unify Payroll & Human Capital Management System
Boost Your Human Capital ROI

Today's dynamic, global and extremely challenging economy requires organizations to have the right human capital capable of delivering a successful business strategy. Managing and developing this human capital efficiently and effectively then becomes the next challenge.

SigmaTec Unify Payroll & Human Capital Management (HCM) System is a robust and comprehensive solution that incorporates systems that improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the workforce.

SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM streamlines and automates the entire recruit-to-retire process

  • It devolves routine administrative tasks, improves communication, reduces costs, and provides instant reports and analytics.
  • It enables you to attract the right human capital, develop and leverage their talents, design strategies to increase productivity, align their efforts with corporate objectives, and retain top performers.
  • It helps in manpower planning and ensures that the right people with the right skills are assigned to the right jobs at the right time.
  • It deploys all human resource related policies including payroll disbursement, employee claims, absence and termination policies across the organization.
  • It helps reduce paperwork, centralize information, and boost human capital return on investment.
  • HCM Analytics provides comprehensive data on the workforce in real-time enabling organizations to evaluate their quality and performance.

  1. Seamless View of Human Capital
    A single integrated data model provides an up-to-the-instant, accurate view of all human resource related activities. Increased access to consistent, accurate and comprehensive HR data provides managers with a view of the quality and performance of human resource enabling them to smooth out bumps and crevices.
  2. Streamline and Streamline Key Processes
    SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM automates labor-intensive processes and devolves routine transactions to line managers and, in some cases, to employees themselves. It thus allows reduction of manual workload and helps HR make the transition from a transaction-based service provider to a strategic partner to the business, allowing the HR managers to take responsibility and ownership of their systems.
  3. Manage Total Compensation
    SigmaTec Unify Payroll Management System enables managers to setup, define, and distribute total compensation including salary, allowances, benefits, claims, monetary and non-monetary awards. The compensation data can be bench-marked against industry standards and strategies can be devised to retain valuable resources.
  4. Reporting & Analysis
    Integrating intelligence with HR management to align workforce with corporate objectives, SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM provides managers with reporting and analysis capabilities that provide real-time insight into workforce performance. It enables well-informed decisions, allowing effective management of the human capital. It helps predict human capital investment demands, and allows managers to track workforce costs and the ROI associated with HR projects. It helps in spotting trends and building strategies to take advantage of opportunities and to counteract threats.
  5. Recruit and Manage Human Capital
    Helping not only in managing recruitment and deployment of required resource in appropriate places, SigmaTec Unify HCM also helps in competency profiling and career succession planning. The compensation data can be bench-marked against industry standards and strategies can be devised to retain valuable resources.
  6. Develop Detailed Employee Profile
    SigmaTec Unify HCM allows organizations to mark each employee's profile and track performance enabling them to evaluate and plan for further improvements. It also enables managers to pin-point critical competency and skills set required for each job.
  7. Consistent Systems
    Helping implement consistent systems across the organization, SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM enables higher transparency and elimination of inter-departmental conflict that arises from inconsistent policies and procedures.
  1. Single Database
    SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM provides a single database to maintain enterprise-wide employee data allowing easier accessibility, up-to-date availability and accuracy of information. It tracks everything from application through retirement for each employee including personal and performance histories, personnel data and skills to payroll records. It provides a single reservoir of all associated employee and organizational data and therefore is instrumental in presenting the opportunity to lay the foundations for a wider HR strategy.
  2. Regulatory Compliance
    Catering to regulatory reporting required by the government and other external regulators, SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM's embedded features and enhancements allow automatic calculation of taxes, EOBI and make regulator compliance easy and trouble free.
  3. Security
    SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM provides due control over information accessibility by maintaining the confidentiality of critical HR & Compensation data through password protection. Another level of security is provided through maintenance of user logs. All database changes made by a user are recorded in the system along with associated session details to detect any unauthorized access. Certain components of the software are subject to group user-based security structure while others are based on an individual user-based security structure.
  4. Auto Alerts
    The system has a built-in pro-active alert feature to provide users information that requires immediate attention or action. It allows users to pre-configure and pre-set the medium of delivery (email, instant messaging etc.) to have vital information delivered to their desktop automatically once certain criteria is met. Any information stored in the database can be delivered by creating an alert agent, configuring it and scheduling it to monitor incidents as they happen.
  5. Integration with SigmaTec Unify
    SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM integrates seamlessly with SigmaTec Unify, our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite to provide you with a complete picture of the entire organization.
SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM caters to various aspects of HR & administrative task that helps reduce paper work, centralize information and boost human capital ROI.

SigmaTec Unify Payroll & HCM covers:

  • Man power Planning
  • Employee Profiling
  • Recruitment
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development
  • Retirement and Removal
  • Payroll Management
  • Compensation Management
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