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SigmaTec Nucleus - Distributor Invoice Management Solution
Data at your Desktop!

The distribution business is highly complicated with a vast number of products SKUs being bought from the manufacturer, stored in multiple warehouses, sold to hundreds of retailers, spanning a vast geographical territory by a large sales force.

Chances of error are very high in manually recording what has been received and sold, how much has been received and sold, calculation of sales tax, salesman commission and distributor’s own commission.

SigmaTec Nucleus presents an easy to use, affordable solution to this problem allowing distributors to eliminate manual calculations in favour of an automated data reporting and processing system.

SigmaTec Nucleus provides distributors with the capability to link manufacturer’s invoice system with their own system at the backend thus eliminating the need to re-enter data or to make manual calculation.

Get closer to your customer
SigmaTec Nucleus is efficient and effective, and well geared for the company’s future growth. SigmaTec Nucleus provides the following benefits:
  1. Improved Visibility
    SigmaTec Nucleus integrates the manufacturer's invoicing system with the distributor's own system improving distributor's access to critically important data.
  2. Accurate Transaction Recording
    Incorrect entry of parameters such as product names, warehouses etc can easily be mapped onto correct ones and new names can be added at the click of a button hence leading to accuracy in recording of transactions.
  3. Accurate Sales Tax calculation
    Calculation of sales tax based on transactions of hundreds of SKUs and thousands of retailers is a cumbersome task and prone to error if done manually. SigmaTec Nucleus automates sales tax calculations and provides the facility to upload to the e-FBR site.
  4. Accurate Sales Commission Calculation
    Coverage in terms of number of retail outlets as well as number of SKUs is extensive for even a medium sized distributor. This gives rise to enormous volume of data. SigmaTec Nucleus enables you to easily and accurately record these transactions on an up-to-the-minute basis for evaluation and calculation of commissions due.
  5. Greater Control over Salesman Activity
    SigmaTec Nucleus allows you to link a sales man to a manufacturer, warehouse and territory thereby allowing you to exert control over sales force activities to ensure uniform market spread.
  6. Accurate Demand Forecasts
    SigmaTec Nucleus provides an accurate basis for monitoring of trends in terms of product, territory, and outlet allowing you to accurately predict demand.
  1. Low Cost
    It is a low-cost solution with flexible payment plans and no hidden costs in terms of licensing fee or renewals.
  2. Ease of Use
    It is easy to use with intuitive user screens and ensures user acceptance.
  3. Quick Implementation
    It is designed for rapid installation with no long training and implementation efforts required.
  4. Flexible
    It can cater to small, regional operations as well as large distributors working from multiple locations.
  5. Web enabled
    It is web-enabled providing real-time data access, analysis and sharing.
Key processes covered by the product include:
  • Invoice import from manufacturer
  • Warehouse setup
  • Salesman setup
  • Territory setup
  • Tax details uploading
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