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SigmaTec Hub Point of Sale (POS) System
Simple Transactions, Better Control

Today, having a computerized Point-of-Sale (POS) system has become a necessity for all retail businesses. Margins are razor thin and the key to business success lies in optimization of resources as well as creating customer satisfaction. Access to real-time, accurate information about sales patterns, inventory levels, sales personnel performance, is the key to achieving this.

Introducing SigmaTec Hub, a cost effective, easy to use, flexible POS system that helps automate and simplify your day-to-day transactions to ensure that you can run your retail operations profitably. SigmaTec Hub provides the visibility and control over data you need to compete in a highly competitive retail environment, allowing retailers to focus on the most important things: customers, employees, vendors and trends.

  1. Reduced shrinkage
    The ability to record all items sold and received and timely and accurate cash & sales tracking, enables retailers to readily identify inventory levels, highlighting any shortage between actual stock and reported numbers.
  2. Maintain control in absentia
    Bounding operations through automated policy regimes and capturing information regarding store staff's performance, SigmaTec Hub enables you to control operations without the necessity of physical presence at the store location.
  3. Efficient use of your personnel
    Elimination of the need to conduct cumbersome cash register reconciliation, and checking inventory disparities allows store staff to devote their energy to what genuinely matters the most: helping customers.
  4. Easy access to secure and reliable data
    Mistakes related to erroneous data from multiple spreadsheets and systems no longer exist as virtually unlimited amounts of information can be stored and managed automatically.
  5. Easy markdown management
    An automated process of introducing markdowns allows accurate tracking and easy management of price reductions.
  6. Sales Bonus Calculation
    Information on each salesperson's performance ensures accuracy and fairness in handing out bonus and increments.
  7. Consistent prices from one location to the next
    Automated pricing ensures consistency across stores and across time.
  8. Reduced Price Risk
    Better understanding of SKU-wise physical and financial position means a reduction in price risk.
  1. Low Cost
    It is a low-cost solution with flexible payment plans and no hidden costs in terms of licensing fee or renewals.
  2. Ease of Use
    It is easy to use with intuitive user screens and ensures user acceptance.
  3. Quick Implementation
    It is designed for rapid installation with no long training and implementation efforts required.
  4. Flexible
    It can cater to small, regional operations as well as large distributors working from multiple locations.
  5. Web enabled
    It is web-enabled providing real-time data access, analysis and sharing.
Key processes covered by the product include:
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing management
  • Supplier histories
  • Merchandise movement tracking
  • Transaction processing, sale, refund, exchange, discounts
  • Payment processing with respect to types (cash, credit card, debit card).
  • Quickly create and process returns, refund, and exchange.
  • Cash up & end - of-day processing
  • Create and update customer database
  • Sales reports and journals
  • Obtain complete transaction & till activity logs
  • User access security
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