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SigmaTec Unify Fixed Asset Management System

Organizations are always looking for ways to boost profits, reduce the cost of service and repair, avoid equipment downtime, and optimize the use of assets. But not every time does a company understand how well to achieve this purpose.

SigmaTec Unify FAMS is an integrated solution that allows you to manage and maintain your assets from end to end. It provides complete control over the lifecycle of assets including procurement, construction, installation, maintenance, accounting, transfer and disposal enabling you to focus on overall business operations.

It integrates seamlessly with SigmaTec Unify Financials for automatic calculation of asset accounting.


  1. Financial advantage
    Record financial impact of acquisition, depreciation, leasing, maintenance expense, insurance expense and profit/loss on disposal.
  2. Visibility into maintenance
    Gain a complete view of all equipment information, maintenance, disposal and performance through a common platform.
  3. Optimized planning & scheduling
    Assign asset operators, plan maintenance jobs, forecast spare parts inventory and monitor asset movement to achieve better control over asset operations thus minimizing time for core activities.
  4. Comprehensive calculations
    Manage asset accounting through comprehensive calculations of depreciation, leasing, profit/loss on disposal throughout the asset life and eliminate unnecessary insurance coverage
  5. Workflow Coordination
    Easily define, record and automatically implement all corporate policies and rules. Record the financial impact and take control through automatic alerts, and logical workflow high-lighting key business events.
  6. In-depth reporting & analysis
    Capture and record all costs and revenues associated with maintenance and management activities accurately.
  1. Conforms to Pakistani regulations
    SigmaTec Unify FAMS is the only solution that incorporates features conforming to the business and regulatory environment of Pakistan.
  2. Integrated
    It is linked with the financial systems and enables easy and comprehensive asset accounting.
  3. Comprehensive
    SigmaTec Unify FAMS comprehensively records and tracks the entire lifecycle of the organization's assets.
  4. Customized reporting
    A completely customizable reporting package provides flexibility to suit different kinds of businesses.
  5. Visibility
    Provides real-time visibility into asset performance and maintenance for asset owners, operators and all parties in the asset service network.
  6. Easy to implement
    SigmaTec FAMS is scalable in terms of features, user friendly, adaptable and affordable with no hidden annual licensing renewal fee.
SigmaTec Unify FAMS integrated business operations and functions make the control over the assets effective. Key processes covered by the product are:
  • Asset Acquisition (local purchase, imports purchase, lease and construction)
  • Asset Commissioning and Issuance
  • Asset Maintenance & Expense
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Insurance
  • Asset Disposals
  • Asset Revaluation
  • Asset Impairments
  • Asset Accounting
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