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SigmaTec Unify Financial Management System
Easy Finance, Reliable Management
Effective and efficient financial management requires vast volumes of financial transactions to be recorded on a common platform, integrated in a seamless manner and reported with the required amount of detail.
SigmaTec Unify FMS - an end-to-end solution
SigmaTec Unify Financial Management System (FMS) is a comprehensive, end-to-end financial management solution that enables increased visibility of financial metrics across the business.
  • It offers functionality for financial management, accounting, consolidations, reporting, and analysis.
  • It enables better management of sales, purchasing inventory, payroll, and reporting.
  • It allows managers to accelerate the speed of work reducing the time for monthly closes, shortening the accounts receivable wait, allowing invoicing with greater accuracy, and increasing return on investments in technology, skills, and processes.
  • It provides valuable tools for monitoring, understanding, and optimizing corporate performance delivering high levels of confidence in financial reporting and regulatory compliance.

  1. Improve Financial Performance
    SigmaTec Unify FMS helps create and manage budgets, monitor and predict cash flows, and control costs. It helps managers to track histories to identify top customers, and monitor sales efforts and inventory levels and plays a strategic role in improving revenues, inventory management, and purchasing processes. It enables managers to comprehensively understand their bottom line, and take the right decisions. It thus allows effective financial management enabling finance managers to establish a firm foundation for strong, manageable growth.
  2. Enhance Financial Controls
    Finance managers are provided with the capability to maintain tight fiscal control with double-entry accounting, full audit trails, flexible period-end closing, and secure multi-user access for all transaction types. The solution enables managers to enforce financial standards and processes through policy and framework setup.
  3. Increase Financial Transparency
    Comprehensive data capture at all points of the financial organization provides managers with in-depth visibility into the organization. Complete information about all aspects of transactions processing enables them to pin-point responsibility and avoid conflict that arises from lack of transparency.
  4. Reduce Transaction Costs
    SigmaTec Unify FMS streamlines and automates traditional transaction processing and reporting functions from end to end. Automated transaction processing makes it easy for users to carry out huge volume of transactions efficiently and effectively lowering cost per transaction and shortening process cycle times.
  5. Integrate Financial and Operational Data
    SigmaTec Unify FMS provides tools and insights to convert data into meaningful information and enables managers to gain unique insight into every facet of the business. Data flowing from all parts of the organization including supply chain, human resource and distribution networks is captured in this solution.
  6. Greater Value to Organization
    Freeing skilled finance professionals from routine activities enables them to provide greater value to the organization through operational insight, strategic action, and better understanding of drivers of value and improved performance.
  1. Easy to Use
    SigmaTec Unify FMS simplifies accounting and finance by providing flexible account structures, simple and efficient transaction processing, budgeting, and comprehensive financial reporting capabilities. Presenting an easy-to-navigate interface that is easily customized to present key functions and information that managers need, SigmaTec Unify FMS is easy to use and easy to adapt and adopt.
  2. Affordable
    SigmaTec Unify ensures user acceptance and therefore delivers a low total cost of ownership and helps employees across the company to make a positive impact on financial management right from the start.
  3. Process, Store, and Retrieve Information
    SigmaTec Unify FMS allows managers to process transactions efficiently and make informed decisions by entering, accessing, and analyzing data easily, as well as automating routine processes.
  4. Analytical Capabilities
    SigmaTec Unify FMS allows many ways to report, analyze, and publish financial information. It provides powerful analytical tools to ascertain business performance via key performance indicators (KPIs). Feature-rich, flexible reports present business information in the best format for your audience. Advanced reporting and analytical capabilities are provided to help managers gain relevant insight into any aspect of operations.
  5. Flexible
    SigmaTec Unify FMS is flexible, allowing managers to get up-dated reports on an online, real-time basis as each transaction takes place. It enables users to define the closing periods of Books of Account and trigger the closing while the actual process is carried out automatically by the system. It provides user with the option to close, un-close and re-close accounts supported by security features to maintain control over all such activities. It allows unlimited years of historical information to be maintained and used for comparative reporting or inquiries. Reporting periods are also flexible and user-defined ranging from weekly, monthly, and quarterly to annual. Reporting types are also flexible and incorporate comparison between budgets vs. actual, year-to-year etc.
  6. Regulatory Compliance
    Regulatory compliance is a significant concern for many businesses. SigmaTec Unify FMS provides Income Tax compliance, Withholding Tax compliance (period based as well as transaction based), Withholding Tax reporting and generation of monthly and annual statements in the prescribed statutory formats. SigmaTec Unify FMS enables managers to implement and demonstrate effective compliance processes and provides the reports and documentation required in doing so.
  7. Integration between External & Internal Reporting
    SigmaTec Unify FMS provides the ability to enter data only once and generates information and reports compliant to both internal as well as external reporting requirements. Information is entered once and the system presents it in the required format for internal stakeholders as well as according to statutory requirements.
SigmaTec Unify FMS caters to various aspects of core financials and provides a greater value to the organization in streamlining and automating the traditional transaction processing and reporting from end-to-end.

SigmaTec Unify FMS covers:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Funds Management
  • Expense Management
  • Costing & Budgeting
  • General Ledger Accounting System
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